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Why Pet Insurance?

Why Pawlicy Advisor?

When it comes to pet insurance plans, finding the best fit is an art and a science. No two dogs or cats are alike. Every breed comes with its own potential health conditions and needs, so the cost of caring for your pet might fluctuate from one year to the next. Your financial situation can also change over time. But how do you know if you’re choosing the right insurance plan to cover your pet today and years down the line?

Without Pawlicy Advisor, pet insurance customers spend hours, days, and weeks researching and comparing plans on their own, but don’t know whether they are finding the right policies or deals. We’re here to take the uncertainty and hassle out of the insurance search. Pawlicy Advisor is the first pet insurance comparison platform that uses algorithms to analyze a pet’s breed-specific risks, policy coverage/exclusions, and expected premium increases over time to find pet owners great insurance plans for their dogs and cats.

What Makes Pawlicy Advisor Unique?

All of the insurance policies listed on our website have the great covered benefits pet owners expect from an accident and illness plan, but they do differ in their exclusions and additional benefits. Pre-existing conditions can complicate this as well. Pawlicy Advisor identifies the kinds of exclusions relevant to your pet’s breed, and factors that into our website’s recommendation engine. For example, if your pet is a large-breed dog who is susceptible to ligament health issues, we find policies with the ligament coverage that will better protect your animal and then compare prices to find you a great deal.

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