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If you’re trying to find the best pet insurance for your Boxer, we’ll help you analyze top providers based on breed, zip code, and more.

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Let’s Give Your Boxer A Happy, Healthy Life

These cheerful, large dogs originated in Germany as working police and military dogs. Boxers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America and famously have the longest tongue among dogs. Their large size and muscular build, combined with great loyalty, make them wonderful family guardians.

Whether your Boxer is a young puppy or an old senior dog, your furbaby deserves access to any medical care needed to ensure a happy, healthy life.

As the pet insurance marketplace endorsed by veterinarians, we’ll help you compare top pet insurance companies side-by-side and uncover hidden savings for your Boxer - let’s get started.

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Is pet insurance worth it for a Boxer?

As a pure breed, a Boxer is more likely to suffer from genetic health issues than mixed breed dogs. Can you pay for an unexpected $5,000 veterinary bill out-of-pocket? 4 out of 5 pet parents can’t, and if this sounds like you, pet insurance is a great tool to hedge financial risk and doghealth costs. Like renters insurance, it’s something you have but hope not to use - but if an unexpected accident or illness does strike you’ll be reimbursed 70% to 90% of the vet bill (depending on your plan). Getting dog insurance will help ensure that your Boxer will get the care they need at any stage of their life.

Doing the right thing for your Boxer should never be restricted by costs, and that’s why having pet insurance coverage reimburse you for your vet bills is often a literal life-saver.

All US veterinary clinics & animal hospitals accept pet insurance

Because pet insurance reimburses you, instead of paying the vet directly, you can use your plan at any veterinary practice in the USA. Whether you take your Boxer to a animal hospital, emergency vet, or mobile clinic - pet insurance plans can help Boxer pet owners reduce out-of-pocket costs for unexpected accidents or illnesses.

Common dog health issues your Boxer might face:

A vet helping Boxer owners keep their pet healthy and happy
Heart (Aortic) Valve Narrowing (Aortic stenosis)

Cardiomyopathy in Boxer Dogs (Boxer cardiomyopathy)

Congenital Heart Defect (Atrial Septal Defect) (Atrial septal defect)

dilated cardiomyopathy

Congenital Heart Defect (Pulmonic stenosis)

Sick Sinus Syndrome (Sick sinus syndrome)


seasonal flank alopecia

canine acne (canine acne)


certain drug sensitivities

Thyroid Hormone Deficiency (Hypothyroidism)

Perineal Hernia (Perineal hernia)

indolent corneal ulcers

Retained Testicles (Cryptorchidism)

Breathing Problem in Short-Nose (brachycephalic upper airway syndrome)

How much is pet insurance for a Boxer puppy?

Your personalized price will be lower or higher depending on the age of your Boxer, as well as your zip code, your financial standing, and the kind of coverage you need. See below for a sample of prices for different regions:

* The average monthly costs listed below are based on an 80% reimbursement rate, unlimited coverage, and a $500 deductible. prices may be lower or higher for different coverage options.
Zip CodeInsurance Monthly Cost
New York City, NY
6 Months Old - $67 to $111
5 Years Old - $104 to $135
Thomasville, AL
6 Months Old - $37 to $59
5 Years Old - $57 to $72
Beverly Hills, CA
6 Months Old - $63 to $67
5 Years Old - $82 to $98

To better understand how coverage pricing relates to the breed-specific risks of a Boxer, use Pawlicy Advisor to instantly analyze personalized pet insurance quotes across top-rated providers and uncover hidden savings. In 5 minutes or less you’ll understand which waiting times, coverage exclusions, and therapies are ideal for your dog's breed and age.

For example, if you have a larger breed, having a policy with a long waiting period on knee injuries might not be ideal - but that same policy could be perfect for a small lap dog. Pawlicy Advisor will scan the fine print for you automatically to give you more transparency, and you’ll uncover any hidden savings.

See personalized quotes from top Boxer insurance providers, all in one place.

Compare Top Dog Insurance Quotes

Comparing Boxer Pet Insurance Quotes From Top Dog Insurance Companies

Choosing the right pet insurance company from the start is critically important for both you and your Boxer. If you choose the wrong provider and go to make a claim, you could find your Boxer isn't covered when you need it most. That’s why Pawlicy Advisor scans policies for Boxer-specific exclusions hidden in the fine-print and helps you see which plan would be the best fit for your and your pup.

Here’s some of the best pet insurance options for your Boxer:

Pet Age
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Logo
4.5 | 1812 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
8 weeks
Expiration date
270 days
Average wait time
9 days

Pets Best Pet Insurance Logo
4.5 | 967 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
7 weeks
Expiration date
180 days
Average wait time
7 days

Petplan Pet Insurance Logo
4 | 405 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
6 weeks
Expiration date
90 days
Average wait time
6 days

Hartville Pet Health Insurance Logo
4.5 | 145 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
8 weeks
Expiration date
270 days
Average wait time
9 days

PetFirst Pet Insurance Logo
4 | 375 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
0 weeks
Expiration date
90 days
Average wait time
12 days

Pro Tip: While pricing will depend on your dog’s breed, age, location, and more - it’s important to not only look at what your pet insurance policy will cost today, but to understand what it will ultimately cost across the lifespan of your Boxer. Different policies will have different rates at which you premium may increase, and these vary across providers.

To put it simply, the policy that looks cheaper today might not be the best bang-for-your-buck in the long run. Without Pawlicy Advisor, these fine-print details are too hard to find (let alone compare).

With Pawlicy Advisor, you get a personalized “Coverage Score” and “Lifetime Price Score” for hundreds of policy variations for your Boxer from top pet health insurance companies, all in one place.

Here’s what makes Pawlicy Advisor’s marketplace the perfect pet insurance comparison tool when shopping to protect your Boxer:

  • Coverage Score: This score is calculated by comparing the kinds of coverage offered with other insurance offerings.
  • Lifetime Price Score: Insurance companies all charge a different amount to insure your Boxer each year. We crunch the numbers to figure out how much we expect each plan to cost over your dog’s lifetime.

Rest assured that all quotes you see from Pawlicy Advisor are pulled in real-time. We connect directly with our insurance partners to make sure you get the best price, with no hidden fees.

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