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In 2015, Woody’s Shar Pei puppy named Wrigley, came down with a genetic disease that required expensive medication to stabilize. As an animal lover and self-described “dog dad,” Woody was relieved that his insurance covered Wrigley’s monthly prescription costs.
While speaking with other pet owners in his community about his experience, Woody discovered how lucky he was to have chosen insurance that covered Wrigley’s uncommon condition. Other pet owners shared stories about inadequate and overpriced coverage, and the difficulties they faced evaluating options. Those stories stuck with him through business school, where he spoke with hundreds more pet owners and veterinarians around the country about how the pet insurance experience could be improved. In April of 2018, he decided to launch Pawlicy Advisor.
Around the same time, Travis bought pet insurance after adopting his first pet, Ginny. Frustrated with the buying experience and wishing for a more transparent process, he reached out to Woody after reading about the business idea. Three months, countless coffee chats, and a nine hour hike later, Travis joined as CTO to help pet owners everywhere find the right insurance at the right price.
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Woody Mawhinney
Co-founder and CEO

Woody Mawhinney - Co-founder and CEO

Pawlicy Advisor is led by Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Woody Mawhinney. Woody is a licensed insurance producer nationally. He started his career as a risk consultant for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Originally from Maine, Woody is an avid skier. When he isn’t running and playing with his two dogs, Wrigley, a four-year-old Shar Pei, and Wilma, a rescue Great Dane mix, he enjoys hitting the slopes on his telemark skis or hopping on cross country trails.
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Travis Bloom
Co-founder and CTO

Travis Bloom - Co-founder and CTO

Travis has spent the last seven years building web applications that consumers love to use, first at General Electric in their IT Leadership Program and most recently at Rocketrip (YC W'14) where he led the engineering team.
Travis is originally from Fairfield County, Connecticut and moved to Manhattan in 2015. He spends his free time playing fetch with Ginny (seriously) and biking around the city.
Ginny Bloom Profile Picture

Ginny Bloom
CCO (Chief Cat Officer)

Ginny Bloom - CCO (Chief Cat Officer)

Ginny has been in her role as Chief Cat Officer since October of 2018. She works remotely from her 1 bedroom apartment in Manhattan, where her primary focus is asking humans to play fetch, sleeping, and knocking over wine bottles. As a 1 year old domestic shorthair, she has extensive experience in being an adorable bundle of joy and has been key to both the inception and continued success of Pawlicy Advisor.
Wrigley Profile Picture

CDO (Chief Dog Officer)

Wrigley - CDO (Chief Dog Officer)

A four-year-old loyal and independent Shar Pei hailing from Michigan, Wrigley is Woody’s first dog. When Wrigley was three-months old, he came down with Shar Pei Fever, a breed-specific auto-inflammatory disease caused by the same gene that gives him all of his wrinkles. Wrigley loves sitting and finding a nice street corner to perch on where he can say hi to all of his neighbors. His role at Pawlicy Advisor is looking adorable and helping other dogs navigate the pet insurance market.
Wilma Profile Picture

Chief Insurance Adoption Officer

Wilma - Chief Insurance Adoption Officer

A one-year-old Great Dane Mix from Dallas, Texas, Wilma was abandoned in a house for three days before she was rescued and brought to NYC, where she found Woody and knew she would be the perfect fit for his family. She has two energy levels: fetch and snuggle. When she’s not begging her brother to play, Wilma enjoys helping other newly adopted pets find the perfect level of protection so they can focus on being happy and healthy with their new families.
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