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Does your pet insurance cover what you need?

Before you choose your insurance plan, make sure that you know exactly what is covered - and what's not.
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Accidents happen, and it's important that your pet gets the coverage that they need. Pet insurance covers things like cuts, broken bones, and all of those things your pet tries to swallow.

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Hereditary & congenital

Certain breeds are at risk for hereditary problems or congenital defects. Make sure that you know your pet's risks, and that they are covered if they need treatment.

A sick pet suffering from chronic conditions.

Chronic Conditions

Some pets suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or allergies that require ongoing care. Your insurance policy should cover these issues for you.

A dog suffering from anxiety

Behavioral Issues

Some pets suffer from issues like anxiety, compulsive behavior, or excessive chewing that can be corrected with the help of a trainer. Under certain plans, this will be covered.

microscope used to investigate illnesses that can be fixed with pet insurance


Unexpected illnesses like heartworm, distemper, or cancer can be costly; luckily, pet insurance covers them.

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Routine care

Preventive care, check-ups, vaccinations, bloodwork, and dental cleanings aren't included in base policies, but most insurers offer extra coverage to include them.

Why would you need
pet insurance?

Pet insurance helps to offset major costs if your pet is hurt or sick. Take a look below for some common examples of when this coverage can help you get your animal the care that they deserve.
A dog with pet insurance swallowing chocolate and needing a trip to the ER

Your pet loves eating things.

No matter how many times you tell him or her, your dog will never learn to keep away from chocolate. A good insurance plan makes sure that you can always afford care for your pet.

A dog with a heart condition that is covered by pet insurance

Pet illness is expensive.

If your dog develops a disease as they get older, they may need daily medication. Insurance will cover their treatment and their medicine.

A cat who used their pet insurance to mend a broken bone

Nobody plans to have an accident.

But you can plan FOR one. Sometimes pets can't resist danger, and pet insurance protects you from the medical expenses they incur.

A girl taking her adopted cat to the vet for a wellness checkup after getting pet insurance

Keep pets healthy with an optional wellness plan

Vaccinations, dental health, and routine check-ups are all important for your pets health - make sure your plan covers these costs.

Pawlicy Advisor CEO Woody Mawhinney with his dog WrigleyPawlicy Advisor CTO Travis Bloom with his cat Ginny

About Us

In 2015, Woody’s Shar Pei puppy named Wrigley, came down with a genetic disease that required expensive medication to stabilize. As an animal lover and self-described “dog dad,” Woody was relieved that his insurance covered Wrigley’s monthly prescription costs.

While speaking with other pet owners in his community about his experience, Woody discovered how lucky he was to have chosen insurance that covered Wrigley’s uncommon condition. Other pet owners shared stories about inadequate and overpriced coverage, and the difficulties they faced evaluating options. Those stories stuck with him through business school, where he spoke with hundreds more pet owners and veterinarians around the country about how the pet insurance experience could be improved. In April of 2018, he decided to launch Pawlicy Advisor.

Around the same time, Travis bought pet insurance after adopting his first pet, Ginny. Frustrated with the buying experience and wishing for a more transparent process, he reached out to Woody after reading about the business idea. Three months, countless coffee chats, and a nine hour hike later, Travis joined as CTO to help pet owners everywhere find the right insurance at the right price.

Our brand pillars


Put pets first

We would do anything for our pets, which is why we started this company.


Objective analysis leads to better results

We analyze initial monthly costs, long-term rates, and your pet's specific risks to recommend you plans with the best value.


Shopping for insurance doesn't have to be confusing

By highlighting the details you should care about, we provide transparency to the purchasing decision.


Be there for the customer

Pawlicy Advisor customers get free, lifetime, health advice for their pets. We're here for you, beyond insurance.


Do the right thing

Whether we're evaluating partners, building our brand, or hiring our coworkers, we're focused on building a culture that makes us, and you, proud.