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Five Star Reviews

Kyle Dillon, Pet Owner

After a few too many expensive trips to the vet with my cat, I started looking at multiple pet insurance sites attempting to figure out what pet insurance worked best for my situation. Through research, I came across Pawlicy and answered a few questions about my cat and within 2 minutes had many options at my fingertips. I felt more knowledge after...
Five Star Reviews

Brittany Coblenz, Pet Owner

We recently got our first puppy. We had never used pet insurance before but knew it was a must. Pawlicy made the process so simple. We were able to input our puppy's information, see all available insurance options and then choose the plan that worked best for us in a matter of minutes. Pawlicy made the process stress free and answered our question...
Five Star Reviews

Neha Gupta, Pet Owner

We recently got a puppy and wanted insurance for the new member of our family. Pawlicy was so quick and easy to use and told us exactly what insurance plans we should consider for the specific breed of our pup. The app gave us summarized information so that we could make a quick and informed decision. We've loved our insurance plan so far. Would d...
Excellent Five Star Reviews

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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We partner with leading pet insurance companies to help pet owners find the right plan at the best price. Our signature features are our "Coverage Score" which ranks pet insurance plans based on their coverage for your specific breed, and our "Lifetime Price Score" which ranks how much we expect each insurance policy to increase in price over your pet's lifetime.

By comparing these coverage and pricing differences we can make sure your breed’s specific health risks are coverage and save you a ton of money, up to 83% in some instances!

Every pet is different. The best dog insurance plan for a Chihuahua in New York is going to be different from the dog insurance plan for a Dalmatian in Memphis. It also depends on if you’re insuring multiple pets, if you’re insuring a puppy/kitten or an older pet, if you’re looking for the best coverage or just a cheap pet insurance with the lowest monthly cost, how important it is to cover the exam fee, your location, and more. It will also depend on what reimbursement rate, annual deductible, and coverage limit you’re looking for on an insurance policy.

To find out which is the best pet insurance plan for you, use Pawlicy Advisor to automatically analyze top-rated pet insurance companies and compare all their quotes side-by-side.

We get paid a commission by the pet insurance company when we help you buy a plan for your pet. But don't worry - these commissions are already priced into the cost of pet health insurance - so you're not paying extra to work with us. And because we're a licensed insurance agency, the money we make comes from the insurance company, not you.

You get a great plan, at the lowest available rate.

Pawlicy Advisor is a pet insurance marketplace, not a pet insurer. We analyze the top pet insurance brands to explain coverage and pricing differences and make it easy for pet owners to find savings and the right protection.

When you shop and find a plan through Pawlicy Advisor our site connects you to the pet insurance company site to complete your purchase, or you can conveniently purchase through Pawlicy Advisor. Because we get access to the lowest available rates, you're getting the best price either way.

In addition to getting the best price, Pawlicy Advisor customers get exclusive access to customized coverage alerts that make sure pet parents don't leave any of their insurance benefits on the table.

Most insurance websites negotiate different commission amounts with each partner, meaning they have a bias to recommend one over another. Because we get paid the same amount, regardless of which cat insurance or dog insurance provider you go with, we're able to provide unbiased, data-driven, recommendations that help you save time and money.

Pet insurance (i.e. accident & illness coverage) pays you back up to 90% of any unexpected vet bill, based on your reimbursement level. So if your dog or cat gets injured or sick after your coverage has kicked in, you’ll be reimbursed for veterinary care including surgery, prescription medication, and even cancer treatment. As a pet parent, this could save you thousands in veterinary expenses.

Unlike human health insurance, your pet insurance company will pay you instead of your veterinarian. This means your accident & illness plan will work at any licensed vet clinic or animal hospital.

No pet insurance plan will cover any pre-existing condition, so it’s important to enroll in coverage before any conditions arise. This is especially important for breeds that tend to suffer from hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia. If you have a puppy or kitten - compare pet insurance options before it’s too late!

Note: People often confuse wellness plans with pet health insurance. They are not the same! A wellness plan will reimburse you a set amount for preventive care like vaccines, annual checkups, and other routine care items. Pet insurance, on the other hand, protects against the financial burden of new injuries, new illnesses, and emergency care.

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