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We’re the dog insurance marketplace endorsed by veterinarians

Pawlicy Advisor has helped thousands of puppy parents across the USA find the best dog insurance plan at the best price - and save on veterinary costs.

Here’s why vets and dog owners use pawlicy advisor

Personalized recommendations

There is no one-size-fits-all dog insurance. We carefully analyze hundreds of policy variations across top US providers to help you find the best fit based on breed, age, location, and more.

Compare top companies side-by-side

Don’t waste time filling out a form on every provider’s site. Fill out one form on Pawlicy Advisor and compare real-time quotes from multiple companies side-by-side.

Uncover hidden savings

You deserve transparency. We’ll help you find opportunities to save on lifetime costs and make it easy to complete the entire enrollment process on Pawlicy Advisor.

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Is pet insurance worth it...for your dog?

After surveying tens of thousands of pet parents, 4 out of 5 say they could not afford a unexpected vet bill without pet insurance. Enrolling your dog or puppy in the right pet insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that your out-of-pocket costs could be reduced by 90% for unexpected accidents or illnesses.

For example, if your dog ingests a foreign object (as dogs often do), your vet cost could be as high as $3,250. With pet insurance plan that reimburses you 80% of that vet bill, your out-of-pocket costs would ultimately only be $650.

There’s a 1 in 3 chance that your dog will need emergency treatment. Fractures, urinary obstructions, object ingestion and more can cost thousands of dollars to treat.

A Five Star Review

"Your pet deserves to be happy and healthy, and removing financial barriers from important pet care decisions is a key step toward this goal."

- Dr. William Hodges, DVM
A Five Star Review

"It is safe to say that one hospital stay has already been worth 2+ years of insurance premiums."

- Brittany Coblenz, New Puppy Parent

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Get a personalized analysis based on your dog's breed, age, location, and more - and streamline your pet insurance shopping experience.
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Dog Insurance Comparison Chart:

Pet Age
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Logo
4.5 | 1812 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
8 weeks
Expiration date
270 days
Average wait time
9 days

Pets Best Pet Insurance Logo
4.5 | 967 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
7 weeks
Expiration date
180 days
Average wait time
7 days

Petplan Pet Insurance Logo
4 | 405 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
6 weeks
Expiration date
90 days
Average wait time
6 days

Hartville Pet Health Insurance Logo
4.5 | 145 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
8 weeks
Expiration date
270 days
Average wait time
9 days

PetFirst Pet Insurance Logo
4 | 375 Reviews
Minimum to enroll
0 weeks
Expiration date
90 days
Average wait time
12 days

What to look for when comparing top dog insurance providers


Established brands 🇺🇸

Dog insurance brands who’ve been around in the USA for a few years are generally less like to change their premiums as they’ve already figured out their business metrics.

Fast reimbursement

Top US providers tend to reimburse your claims in less than 14 days. Some, like Pets Best, can even pay the vet directly so you don’t need to wait for reimbursement.

Great lifetime price

As your pet ages, your premiums will increase since there’s greater risk of illness/injury - and providers will have different rates at which those prices increase. Use Pawlicy Advisor’s "Lifetime Price Score" to understand costs across the lifespan of your dog for each policy.

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Frequently asked questions

For most Americans, dog insurance is a great way to prepare for unexpected pet medical costs. Like auto insurance, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

You must compare providers side-by-side, and understand what risks your breed is particularly susceptible to. Then evaluate personalized quotes and make sure to compare key coverage details - diving into the fine-print to see if there’s any breed-specific exclusions you need to be aware of.

Most dog insurance companies cover dental as part of their accident and illness coverage. So if your puppy needs dental surgery or oral antibiotics you’ll be covered. For routine dental cleanings, you might consider a wellness plan add-on.

Some plans will cover curable conditions. Thats right, if your dog has a curable pre-existing condition and has not had recurring symptoms for a certain waiting period, that condition could be eligible for coverage. Regardless, pet insurance can still be worth it even with a non-curable pre-existing condition - as all other unrelated accidents or illness that may arise in the future will be covered.

Pet insurance by dog breed


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