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Pawlicy Advisor was made to simplify the pet insurance conversation with your patients.

Vets helping their patients find the right pet insurance

We guide patients, so you can focus on treatment

When your patients are covered by the right pet insurance plan, you can provide the best care possible.

Decluttering a vet office by consolidating pet insurance brochures

Declutter your office and get rid of the countless marketing brochures with a single, simple, modern solution to pet insurance.

education materials about pet insurance

We provide your patients with the personalized education they need to make an informed decision about their pet insurance purchase. And best of all our service is 100% free to use for patients and veterinarians.

A pet owner getting a personalized pet insurance quote

Our recommendations take a data-driven approach. By analyzing initial monthly costs and long-term rates, we can save your clients up to 75% on their policy.

an injured cat that has pet insurance

When you simplify the conversation, more people insure their pets. You get to see your favorite clients more often and they’re financially prepared to accept the treatment options you recommend.

Happy patients at a vet office with their pets

Insurance helps you provide the best care

When pet owners have the right coverage, you are able to provide the gold standard of care to their beloved pets. Pet insurance is proven to increase the quality AND consistency of the care provided to animals.

a vet excited that a pet has insurance

An insured pet owner is able to provide, on average, an additional $211 in care for their pet each year.

a pet owner fist-bumping their pet because they have insurance

Pet owners with wellness plans are able to visit their vets 20% more often.

a boy with his insured dog

A pet is twice as likely to receive $1,000 in life-saving treatment when their owner has proper insurance coverage.

Types of treatment done by vets

We provide insurance advice, so you don't have to.

Using a variety of historical and real time data sources, Pawlicy Advisor crunches the number to predict how much we expect similarly priced plans to cost your customers over the lifetime of their animal. This transparency ensures they hold on to their policies longer.

Insurance Plans Comparison

Similiar Plan
Our Recommended Plan
Graph showing lifetime savings of Pawlicy Advisor\'s recommended pet insurance plan

Preventative care makes healthier pets

Wellness Plans

When pets experience an accident or illness, owners know to turn to their vet for advice and treatment, but many pet owners with wellness plans don't realize they're leaving behind hundreds of dollars in unclaimed benefits each year.

We proactively reach out to pet owners about these free benefits before they expire, linking them to their vet's online pharmacy if it exists, or suggesting they purchase at their next appointment.

Get more face time with your patients

Some wellness plans will also include coverage towards a wellness exam or dental cleaning. Pawlicy Advisor encourages pet owners to schedule an appointment at their vet office and utilize these included benefits.

girl getting her insured cat treated at a veterinarian office

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Pawlicy Advisor make the insurance buying process easier?


We partner with leading pet insurance companies to help pet owners find the right plan at the right price. Our signature feature is the “Pawlicy Confidence Score”, which ranks pet insurance plans based off their coverage and how much we expect a plan to increase in price over the lifetime of a pet.


How does Pawlicy Advisor as a company make money?


We are a licensed insurance agency in all 50 states. Insurance companies pay us a standardized fee when pet owners enroll through us. This means when we recommend an insurance policy, it's because we genuinely think it will provide better lifetime value for that customer and their pets, not because it makes us more money. Pet owners won’t see higher insurance prices as a result of using our service.


Is Pawlicy Advisor an insurance company?


Pawlicy Advisor does not offer its own insurance. We analyze the top trusted insurance brands to explain coverage and pricing differences and make it easy for pet owners to find savings and the right protection.


My office already has our own wellness plan. Can I still use Pawlicy Advisor?


Absolutely! Vets who offer their own wellness plans enjoy using Pawlicy Advisor to educate their clients about separate accident, illness, and emergency protection. For vet offices without their own wellness plan, we also can offer wellness options to increase customer engagement and retention.


How does my veterinary practice get started with Pawlicy Advisor?


Getting started takes less than a minute. Fill out our vet partnership form and a Pawlicy Advisor team member will get in contact with you. Within a matter of days we can get you, your staff, and your clients the education materials they need to start making informed decisions about pet insurance.

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