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Pawlicy Advisor was made to simplify the pet insurance conversation. Instead of taking time out of a patient's visit to walk through their financial options, let a trusted, unbiased, 3rd party help them understand the options available to them.
We Guide Patients, So You Can Focus on Treatment
Pawlicy Advisor is the first pet insurance comparison platform that analyzes a pet's breed specific risks, policy coverage/exclusions, and expected premium increases over time to find pet owners the perfect insurance plan for their dog or cat.

Identify Coverage Differences

All our recommended insurance polices have the great covered benefits pet owners expect from an accident and illness plan, but they do differ in their exclusions and additional benefits. Pawlicy Advisor identifies the kinds of exclusions relevant to your breed and factors that in to our recommendation engine.
Breed-specific injuries and their costs

Help Your Clients Understand Insurance Pricing

Using a variety of historical and real time data sources, Pawlicy Advisor crunches the number to predict how much we expect similarly priced plans to cost your customers over the lifetime of their animal. This transparency ensures they hold on to their policies longer.
Similar PlanOur Recommended Plan$200$4005 Years Old10 Years Old
Encourage Healthy Habits
Pet insurance is split in to three separate categories:
  • Accident: - Covers accident-related injuries, like foreign body ingestion
  • Accident and Illness: - Covers accident-related injuries, as well as illnesses (hereditary or congenital)
  • Wellness: - Covers routine care and other medical benefits
When pets experience an accident or illness, owners know to turn to their vet for advice and treatment, but many pet owners with wellness plans don't realize they're leaving behind hundreds of dollars in unclaimed benefits each year.

Utilize Covered Medications

Most wellness plans will include some amount of coverage towards the purchase of flee/tick and heartworm medication. With Pawlicy Advisor, these benefits are never left unnoticed.
We proactively reach out to pet owners about these free benefits before they expire, linking them to their vet's online pharmacy if it exists, or suggesting they purchase at their next appointment.
Ginny's ASPCA Pet Insurance Plan includes up to $25 annually for heartworm medication. Blue Pearl has an easy-to-use patient portal to fulfill your prescription. Be sure to use this included benefit before August, when Ginny's annual limits reset.

Get more facetime with your patients

Some wellness plans will also include coverage towards a wellness exam or dental cleaning. Pawlicy Advisor encourages pet owners to schedule an appointment at their vet office and utilize these included benefits.
Ginny's ASPCA Pet Insurance Plan includes up to $150 annually for dental cleaning and $50 for an annual wellness exam. Because you bought your policy in August, make sure to visit Blue Pearl in the next 2 months to use these included benefit.
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