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Deliver personalized client experiences that increase treatment acceptance, boost your revenue, and save your clients money - for free.

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Vets helping their patients find the right pet insurance
Vets helping their patients find the right pet insurance
9 / 10 vets don’t know which insurance to recommend.
Learn how our vet-endorsed marketplace is defining the way forward.

We’ll handle the insurance advice, so you can focus on treatment

See how thousands of veterinary practices use Pawlicy Advisor to save time and make client compliance go smoother.

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A vet offering their client free pet insurance education from Pawlicy Advisor.

Simplify the conversation and make it easier for clients to accept your treatment plans.

By recommending Pawlicy Advisor, your clients will be 10x more likely to enroll in pet health insurance - and much more likely to say “yes” to treatment plans.
Pawlicy Advisor partnering with leading pet insurance companies to increase the number of insured pets.

Create more revenue and easier access to gold-standard care.

Insured clients bring an additional +$211 per pet in revenue on average each year, and are 2x more likely to receive life-saving treatment. With Pawlicy Advisor, your clients get customized coverage by top providers.
A veterinarian client saving money on their insurance by using Pawlicy Advisor.

Amplify your clients’ savings with breed-specific personalization.

Pawlicy Advisor’s recommendations take a data-driven approach. By analyzing initial monthly costs, long-term rates, eligible discounts, and breed risks, we can save your clients up to 83% on their coverage costs.
William Hodges, DVM
Pawlicy Advisor provides objective education and simplicity to clients comparing pet insurance options.
- William Hodges, DVM
Aliyah Diamond, Surgery Technician
Pawlicy Advisor is like Priceline, for pet insurance, plus a breed-specific recommendation algorithm.
- Aliyah Diamond, Surgery Technician
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Let’s fix the pet insurance conversation

We’re transforming the industry to empower veterinary voices, help your business run smoother, and give clients a better experience.

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Frequently asked questions


Is Pawlicy Advisor an insurance provider?


Pawlicy Advisor is a marketplace, not a provider. We analyze the top-rated insurance brands to explain coverage and pricing differences and make it easy for pet owners to find savings and the right protection.


My office already has our own wellness plan. Can I still use Pawlicy Advisor?


Absolutely! Vets who offer their own wellness plans enjoy using Pawlicy Advisor to educate their clients about separate accident, illness, and emergency protection. For vet offices without their own wellness plan, we also can offer wellness options to increase customer engagement and retention.


How is Pawlicy Advisor free?


Insurance companies pay a standardized fee when pet owners enroll, which means when we recommend one partner over another, it’s because we truly believe it’s a great fit for you. What we recommend is based on breed-specific health risks, expected lifetime costs, and other variables related to ensuring a great experience. This enables us to make honest suggestions on insurance policies and offer our technology free to vets and pet owners.

Our data-driven approach and objective education is one reason why Pawlicy Advisor is the Preferred Business Provider of pet insurance recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association.

Did you know that pet owners who are referred to Pawlicy Advisor are 10x more likely to enroll in coverage?

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