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Pawlicy Advisor has helped thousands of pet parents across the US find the best pet insurance plan at the best price.

Here’s why vets and pet parents use pawlicy advisor

Personalized recommendations

There is no one-size-fits-all pet insurance. We carefully analyze hundreds of policy variations across top providers to help you find the best fit based on breed, age, location, and more.

Compare top companies side-by-side

Don’t waste time filling out a form on every provider’s site. Fill out one form on Pawlicy Advisor and compare real-time quotes from multiple companies side-by-side.

Uncover hidden savings

You deserve transparency. We’ll help you find opportunities to save on lifetime costs and make it easy to complete the entire enrollment process on Pawlicy Advisor.

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What to look for when comparing top pet insurance providers


Established brands

Pet insurance brands who’ve been around for a few years are generally less like to change their premiums as they’ve already figured out their business metrics.

Fast reimbursement

Top providers tend to reimburse your claims in less than 14 days. Some, like Pets Best, can even pay the vet directly so you don’t need to wait for reimbursement.

Great lifetime price

As your pet ages, your premiums will increase since there’s greater risk of illness/injury - and providers will have different rates at which those prices increase. Use Pawlicy Advisor’s "Lifetime Price Score" to understand costs across the lifespan.

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Thousands of pet parents trust Pawlicy Advisor

Five Star Reviews

Kyle Dillon

After a few too many expensive trips to the vet with my cat, I started looking at multiple pet insurance sites attempting to figure out what pet insurance worked best for my situation. Through research, I came across Pawlicy and answered a few questions about my cat and within 2 minutes had many options at my fingertips. I felt more knowledge after...
Five Star Reviews

Brittany Coblenz

We recently got our first puppy. We had never used pet insurance before but knew it was a must. Pawlicy made the process so simple. We were able to input our puppy's information, see all available insurance options and then choose the plan that worked best for us in a matter of minutes. Pawlicy made the process stress free and answered our question...
Five Star Reviews

Neha Gupta

We recently got a puppy and wanted insurance for the new member of our family. Pawlicy was so quick and easy to use and told us exactly what insurance plans we should consider for the specific breed of our pup. The app gave us summarized information so that we could make a quick and informed decision. We've loved our insurance plan so far. Would d...
Excellent Five Star Reviews

Out of 100% reviews on Google Logo

Frequently asked questions

The best insurance for your pet is the one that works within your budget and provides the best coverage over their lifetime. Accident/illness plans are the most popular, as they cover the most expensive types of treatment. Pawlicy Advisor assigns each plan a "Coverage Score" and a "Lifetime Price Score" to help you compare different plans side-by-side.

This will depend on the cost across your pet’s lifetime. Pawlicy Advisor will provide you with a "Top Recommended Plan" based on the information you provide about your pet and your budget. This plan provides the best level of coverage and the best lifetime price at the lowest cost to you.

Pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, pet taxes, grooming, or boarding. But if you sign up for an accident/illness plan and add a wellness plan on top of it, you’ll be covered for most expensive veterinary costs, whether they are for routine or emergency care.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Hartville Pet Insurance, Petplan Pet Insurance, Pets Best Pet Insurance, and PetFirst Pet Insurance are some of the best pet insurance providers in the industry.

Yes, but only if you sign up for a wellness plan on top of your general pet insurance policy. Wellness plans are optional, but they can cover routine costs like vaccines, wellness exams, and preventive care. Most wellness plans are very affordable.

Most pet insurance companies require your pet to reach a minimum age (usually 6 to 8 weeks) before they can be insured, and none of the insurance companies Pawlicy Advisor partners with have age limits on their pet insurance - so you can sign up even if you have an older pet. Otherwise, you can sign up for pet insurance at any time.

Pawlicy Advisor only partners with the best insurance providers, which helps you avoid the common pitfalls of shopping for pet insurance. Avoid unproven providers, avoid slow reimbursement speeds, and make sure to compare coverage and lifetime price expectations to find the best fit.

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