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Is Fetch Pet Insurance Good? Here's How It Stacks Up

Kari Steer, Licensed P&C Insurance Agent at Pawlicy Advisor
Kari Steere
Licensed Insurance Producer - Pawlicy Advisor
fetch pet insurance

Fetch is a pet insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage for cats and dogs. With Fetch Pet Insurance policies, you can use the services of any licensed veterinarian in the United States and Canada and get reimbursement for up to 90% of covered veterinary expenses.

Compare Pet Insurance Companies Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

But, is Fetch the best option for your and your four-legged friend? Here’s what you need to know about Fetch Pet Insurance:

Is Petplan now called Fetch?

Fetch is one of the largest pet insurance providers in the United States, currently covering more than 280,000 cats and dogs in North America. The New York-based company was founded in 2003 and originally licensed the Petplan name from Petplan Pet Insurance UK. In 2020, Petplan announced a deal with Group Nine Media — the parent company of The Dodo, a blog for animal lovers and ”the #1 animal brand in the world”. By early 2022, the carrier was rebranded as Fetch by The Dodo.

Fetch is the preferred pet insurance provider of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the exclusive provider of pet insurance for AARP members. Petplan insurance policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC. Pet insurance plans are underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company and AGCS Marine Insurance Company, which has an A+ rating from AM Best. Fetch also manages Walmart Pet Insurance policies.

An overview of Fetch by The Dodo

Available plans

Fetch offers a single, comprehensive Accident & Illness plan for dogs and cats of any age. The coverage includes:

  • Injuries and illnesses
  • Exam fees
  • Cancer treatment
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Oral disease and injuries
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Ultrasound and imaging
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Surgery
  • Prescription medication
  • Chiropractic and holistic care

Policies with a $15,000 annual reimbursement limit (or above) also offer additional coverage benefits. For example, you can get reimbursed for the price you paid for your pet if he or she passes away during the policy period. You can also recover your pet’s cost in the event they get lost or stolen, in addition to money spent on lost pet advertisements and rewards.

The provider also includes coverage for COVID-19 in pets, as well as virtual veterinary visits up to $1,000 per year with no deductible or copay, but they do not offer a wellness plan.

Pet owners can choose from three deductible options ($250, $300, and $500), three reimbursement options (70%, 80%, and 90%), and three payout options ($5,000, $15,000, and unlimited).

Waiting periods

Fetch has a 15-day waiting period for all accidents and illnesses, as well as an extended waiting period of six months for certain orthopedic conditions like patellar luxation, cruciate ligament issues, and hip dysplasia.


As with all pet insurance providers, pre-existing conditions, including those where symptoms are present during the waiting period or before pet insurance coverage becomes effective, are excluded from coverage. However, Fetch will cover curable pre-existing conditions after the one-year exclusionary period following the policy's start.

The insurer also covers most bilateral conditions when one side is considered to be pre-existing, which is something many other pet insurance companies won't do.


Fetch’s pet insurance plans start at $35 a month for dogs and $25 a month for cats.

The cost of each policy depends on several factors, including your pet’s breed, age, location, medical conditions, etc. The amount you select for your policy’s deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual limit will also impact the premium rate.


Fetch offers a discount of up to 10% to:

  • AARP members
  • Active and former military members
  • Those who adopt pets from a shelter
  • Owners of support and therapy animals
  • Walmart customers
  • Veterinarians and employees of veterinary clinics

Pet parents can also save by choosing to pay quarterly or annually instead of monthly.

Claims and reimbursement times

To make a claim, you will need your pet’s medical records and a paid itemized invoice from your veterinarian within 90 days following treatment. You can use the portal on Fetch’s website, the insurer’s app, fax, email, or mail and get reimbursed via direct deposit.

The payout time frame is 30 days but, once approved, most claims are reimbursed within two business days.

Customer service

Fetch’s customer service agents can be reached via live chat, social media, email, and phone (1.866.467.3875) from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm EST, and Saturday from 10 am to 6:30 pm EST.

What we like about this coverage

Fetch offers custom pricing plans tailored to your specific pet with reimbursement rates of up to 90% of the cost of vet visits. The company also offers coverage for things like acupuncture and chiropractor visits which are not covered by many pet insurance providers.

With Fetch Insurance, you can go to any licensed vet in the US and Canada. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as an option to pay the vet directly.

This year, owners of enrolled pets will get exclusive access to the company’s Fetch Forward™ technology which provides them with tailored insights and topical recommendations so that they can improve the health of their pet.

Another great benefit is getting reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses in case you need to cancel or cut your vacation short during the insurance period due to your pet being injured or showing signs of illness, and requiring immediate veterinary treatment as well as the cost of boarding your pet while you are in the hospital.

What could be improved

Unlike most of its competitors, Fetch does not offer a multi-pet discount. The insurer also does not have a wellness plan available.

Fetch requires a veterinary exam within six months before or 30 days after enrollment. In addition, dogs must have annual health and dental check-ups for coverage in order to apply.

Fetch Pet Questions & Answers

Are Fetch and Petplan the same thing?

Yes, Petplan was rebranded as Fetch by The Dodo, which means that Petplan insurance policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC.

What does Fetch Pet Insurance cover?

Fetch by The Dodo offers a single, comprehensive insurance policy for cats and dogs. The policy covers emergency vet exams, holistic health services like acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, non-routine dental care, and more.

Does Fetch insurance coverage start immediately?

No, just like most other pet insurance providers, Fetch has a mandatory waiting period before coverage kicks in. The company requires customers to wait 15 days for illnesses and accidents, and six months for orthopedic conditions.

Does Fetch (Petplan) go up if you make a claim?

No, your premium won’t increase if you file a claim. However, your premium might be affected by other factors, such as your pet's age, advancements in veterinary medicine, and increasing veterinary costs.

Is Fetch Pet Insurance worth the money?

Fetch Pet Insurance is worth it if you are looking for a comprehensive plan with options for the reimbursement percentage, deductible, and annual maximum so that you can create a plan that fits your budget.

Compare Pet Insurance Companies Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Key Takeaways

  • Fetch by The Dodo offers a comprehensive pet insurance plan for cats and dogs of all ages, with reimbursement rates up to 90%. Plans start at $25 a month for cats and $35 a month for dogs, with customization options to fit your pet’s needs and your personal budget.
  • The Fetch costs more than other leading pet insurance companies and doesn’t offer any add-ons for preventive care. It might not be suitable for owners looking for Accident-Only coverage that's less expensive.
  • We recommend gathering information and quotes from several pet insurance providers. Our Insurance Advice Blog is an excellent place to start your research, but you can also use Pawlicy Advisor to compare plans before choosing the best option for your four-legged friend.

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Kari Steer, Licensed P&C Insurance Agent at Pawlicy Advisor

Kari Steere
Licensed Insurance Producer - Pawlicy Advisor

Kari Steere is a licensed P&C insurance agent in all 50 states and has focused entirely on pet insurance since 2019. As an animal lover with a rescued Terrier named Barry, when she's not helping pet owners find the perfect plan on Pawlicy Advisor, she runs a ranch in Oregon and rehabilitates any animals that come across her path.

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