Hereditary Conditions

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Hereditary Conditions

What are Hereditary Conditions?

Hereditary conditions are health disorders that are more common in specific gene pools among pet breeds. Also known as breed-specific conditions, these health issues are inherited at the time of birth, although most symptoms do not manifest until later in life. Some examples include conditions like thyroid disease, diabetes, or hip dysplasia.

How Hereditary Conditions Work

Hereditary conditions occur at higher rates in specific breeds due to the animal’s genetic makeup and build. For example, large dog breeds are at a higher risk of hip dysplasia due to their greater size and larger growth spurts, which may put more strain on their bones than smaller dog breeds.

Many accident-illness pet insurance plans cover hereditary conditions after the waiting period is complete, and the condition has not been diagnosed at the time of enrollment. No company offers pet insurance for pre-existing conditions (although you can receive coverage for new and unrelated health concerns that may arise). That’s why it’s ideal to enroll while your pet is still young and in good health. Selecting a pet insurance plan that covers both accidents and illnesses can put your mind at ease knowing that your pet is protected should they express signs of a hereditary condition.

Key Takeaways

  • Hereditary conditions are breed-specific, genetic conditions.
  • Many hereditary conditions that are not pre-existing are covered under accident-illness pet insurance plans.
  • Signing your pet up for pet insurance as soon as possible helps ensure that your pet will be covered for hereditary conditions they may experience throughout their lifetime.

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