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What are Accidents?

Accidents are unforeseen circumstances or events that result in physical injury. Examples of an accident include your pet being stung by an insect or bitten by a snake, your pet stepping on broken glass, or your pet falling and breaking a bone. These are examples of accidents rather than illnesses.

How Accidents Work

An accident happens when your pet is physically injured, resulting in injuries like cuts, burns, or fractures. These are distinct from illnesses like hip dysplasia, viral infections, or parasites.

When shopping for pet insurance, keep in mind the difference between accidents and illnesses. Some insurance providers offer accident-only coverage plans and as well as accident& illness coverage plans. Most people opt fo the latter accident & illness combo plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Accidents are injuries that happen as an unforeseen event, rather than occurring due to your pet developing a health problem or illness.
  • Examples of accidents include: bites, burns, cuts, abrasions, or fractures.
  • Some pet insurance plans only cover accidents, while others will cover both accidents and illnesses. Take a close look at the differences between the two when choosing what will be best for your pet.

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