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Pet Care Terms

What is a Breed?

A breed is a specific strain of animal, such as a dog or cat, humans intentionally bred (see breeder) for particular aesthetics or tasks. In the past, different pet breeds have been bred for hunting, guarding, sheep herding, and companionship, to name a few. A purebred dog or cat is more likely to have a set size, coloring, temperament, and energy level, which is why some pet parents prefer a specific breed since they have a better idea of the temperament and energy level their pet will have as an adult.

How Breeds Work

While purebred pets have many advantages in their breed’s consistency, they can be more susceptible to genetic health problems due to their less diversified gene pool. Due to this, purebred pets may benefit significantly from having pet insurance in place early on, before genetic health conditions show up.

Mixed breed pets may be at a slightly lower risk for some genetic health conditions, but they are still at risk for accidents and other common health problems. Regardless of what breed your pet is, they can still benefit from the protection pet insurance provides, and you will benefit from the peace of mind knowing that your pet is covered, regardless of their breed.

Key Takeaways

  • After decades of breeding, a purebred pet will have a more consistent size, temperament, and energy level when compared with mixed breeds.
  • Purebred pets are more prone to genetic health problems due to a less diverse gene pool.

Related Terms

A breeder is an individual who mates dogs or cats of a specific breed and standard together to produce and maintain certain qualities and characteristics.
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Breed-Specific Health Risks
Breed-specific health risks are health problems that are a result of a smaller gene pool.
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Cancer refers to a large group of diseases that all have uncontrolled, abnormal cell growth.
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