Hip Dysplasia

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Hip Dysplasia

What is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a bilateral condition that occurs when the hip joint functions incorrectly due to the ball and socket not fitting or developing properly. This causes the ball and socket to grind against each other instead of sliding smoothly into place. Over time, the joint can wear down entirely and become non-functional.

How Hip Dysplasia Works

Hip dysplasia is a common hereditary condition that’s particularly prevalent in large dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers or Great Danes. Other factors like aggressive exercise, obesity, and rapid growth rates can contribute to the development or severity of hip dysplasia.

Many accident-illness insurance plans cover the cost treatment for hip dysplasia, so long as the waiting period has passed and the condition is not pre-existing at the time of enrollment. Getting pet insurance for your pet sooner rather than later can put your mind at ease knowing that your dog is covered should their breed be prone to hip dysplasia later on.

Key Takeaways

  • Hip dysplasia predominantly affects large dog breeds and occurs when the hip joint functions improperly.
  • Over time, hip dysplasia can severely impact a dog’s mobility and cause significant pain.
  • An accident-illness pet insurance plan can cover hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia, which often requires ongoing care.

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