Bilateral Condition

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Veterinary Terms
Bilateral Condition

What is a Bilateral Condition?

A bilateral condition is a disease or condition that affects both sides of the body. Examples of a bilateral condition include hip dysplasia or luxating patellas, where both hips or kneecaps are affected. Often, the condition starts with one side of the body and will later develop on the other side of the body.

How Bilateral Conditions Work

Bilateral conditions can be considered a pre-existing condition with many pet insurance plans and providers. For example, if your pet had hip dysplasia on the left side of their body before they were insured, it may be considered a pre-existing condition if they develop hip dysplasia on their right side, even though their right side was unaffected when they started the policy.

If your pet has any conditions prior to signing up for pet insurance, it’s important that you look into whether they would be considered bilateral conditions and if your pet would be covered under the pet insurance plan you choose.

Key Takeaways

  • Bilateral conditions are diseases and conditions that have a high rate of affecting both sides of the body.
  • Some pet insurance plans will not cover bilateral conditions if the bilateral condition had already affected one side of the body before your pet was insured.

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