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Why HR Managers Should Offer Pet Insurance

Woody Mawhinney
CEO & Co-Founder - Pawlicy Advisor
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Benefits are important when it comes to creating a productive, engaged, and happy workforce. A 2018 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management showed that 92% of employees who receive comprehensive benefits are more satisfied with their jobs, and may even stay in their positions longer. Today, more and more companies are going beyond the standard health insurance benefits to help their employees care for other members of their family: their pets.

Approximately 68% of employees have at least one pet at home. The average number of dogs and cats per households that have a pet are 1.6 and 2.1, respectively. Pets are scientifically proven to reduce stress, and a less stressed workforce is a more productive one. However, pet care is also a responsibility that can affect your workers’ availability as much as children do. Family and Medical Leave doesn’t cover caring for sick pets, and a survey showed that 42% of full-time workers have used a sick day to take care of a pet.

We deliver our employee benefits service for free, meaning employers and employees don’t pay us a fee on top of their discounted pet insurance premiums, and insurance companies don’t increase their pet insurance premiums for the service we provide.

Options On the Market Today

Most pet insurance plans on the market are offered through large insurance companies. Enrollees can choose accident-only, accident-illness, or wellness coverage. However, these are largely one-size-fits-all plans that don’t take into account the needs or risks of specific breeds.

Pawlicy Advisor understands that no two pets are alike. We have created pet insurance benefits to meet the needs of every pet-owning employee by:

  • Offering more plan options for employees from a variety of top brands. We understand there isn't a one-size-fits-all policy out there and we match employees to plans that will save them more money over their pets’ lifespans;

  • Offering competitive discounts. We aggregate insurance companies’ discounts in one place so you don’t have to go through a single insurance carrier;

  • Providing fast, efficient onboarding. We can get your employees set up with discounted pet insurance benefits and your company-branded employee enrollment portal in only a few minutes;

Lastly, we deliver our employee benefits service for free, meaning employers and employees don’t pay us a fee on top of their discounted pet insurance premiums, and insurance companies don’t increase their pet insurance premiums for the service we provide.

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The pet insurance marketplace endorsed by veterinarians, at Pawlicy Advisor we make buying the best pet insurance easier. By comparing personalized coverage and pricing differences we can save you a ton of money, up to 83% in some instances!

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Woody Mawhinney and his dog Wrigley

Woody Mawhinney
CEO & Co-Founder - Pawlicy Advisor

Woody Mawhinney, CEO and Co-Founder of Pawlicy Advisor, was relieved when his pet insurance covered his Shar Pei’s monthly prescription costs. However, many veterinarians and pet parents in his community shared with him the difficulties they faced when evaluating options. As a licensed insurance producer nationally, he launched Pawlicy Advisor as the first U.S. pet insurance marketplace actively endorsed by veterinarians, aiming to improve the pet insurance experience by providing objective analysis, more thorough comparison, and a streamlined educational experience.

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