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Vets We Love To Follow: World Veterinary Day Shout-Out

world veterinary day

Every day, around the world, veterinarians are changing the lives of animals for the better. This World Veterinary Day, we celebrate these amazing professionals and their loving, generous hearts!

Together, let's raise a paw to say thank you to all of the veterinarians in the world! Here are some of the best veterinary accounts that we love to follow.

Meet Dr. Sylvalyn Hammond, DVM

General Practice and Emergency Veterinarian

Dr. Sylvalyn Hammond, DVM graduated from Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2018. Prior to attending veterinary school in east Texas, Dr. Hammond began her life in the rural desert of southern Arizona where her family owns and operates an Angus cattle ranch. She spent her entire adolescence working as her mother's unofficial veterinary assistant and helping her dad and brothers with the ranch chores.

It was only natural that she found herself pursuing a career in animal health and welfare. Dr. Hammond is passionate about client education and enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, particularly nutrition, internal medicine, and dentistry. When she isn't at the clinic, you can find her jogging, reading, cuddling with her German Shepherd, Hugo, or cooking a meal with her husband, James.

Follow Dr. Hammond on Instagram for pet tips and behind the scenes of an emergency vet.

Meet Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz, DVM

Small Animal Veterinarian

Ever since he was a child, Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz, DVM knew he wanted to work with animals and later studied at Purdue University in order to follow his dream. Dr. Marcus is passionate about providing the best medical care for his dog and cat patients and serving as a trusted resource for pet owners.

After a few years of family, friends, and friends of friends reaching out to him for advice about their pets, Dr. Marcus realized that there is a huge need for trusted and reliable pet information. That is what lead him to start his blog The Friendly Vet. As a dog dad to black lab, Charlie, Dr. Marcus knows firsthand that every pet owner wants to make the best decisions for their fur pet's health.

“I have yet to meet an owner with pet insurance that wishes they didn’t have it, even if their pet is healthy. But I have met countless owners who didn’t have pet insurance and wished they did. Unfortunately, pets at all ages get sick and have emergencies. With insurance it’s better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.”
- Dr. Marcus, @thefriendlyvet

Follow Dr. Marcus on Instagram for helpful tips, resources, and answers to your most common pet parent questions!

Meet Dr. Lila Batiari, DVM

Small Animal Relief Veterinarian

Dr. Lila Batiari, DVM grew up in Victoria BC, before moving to San Diego for her undergraduate education. An animal-lover at heart, she went on to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Ross Universty with a special interest in nutrition, pain management, and surgery! After completing her degree, she returned to sunny Southern California where she currently lives and works as a general practice, urgent care, and emergency veterinarian for small animals.

Dr. Batiari enjoys working with Pawlicy Advisor to help others avoid everyday situations that some of her clientele experience, knowing first-hand how expensive vet bills can be without pet insurance. When she's not helping animals, she enjoys to travel, cook, and take long walks with her Dalmatian, Oakley!

Follow Dr. Batiari on Instagram or TikTok for a behind-the-scenes view of veterinary life in San Diego.

Meet Dr. Kristi, DVM

General Practice Veterinarian

Dr. Kristi Crow, originally from Indianapolis, attended Purdue University for her degree in Animal Sciences and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. When she’s not caring for our fur babies, you can find her cuddling with her spunky goldendoodle named Ren or planning her next trip! She loves traveling the world and has already explored over 21 countries (& counting).

During vet school, Dr. Kristi started her blog with the goal to provide guidance and inspiration to other pre-vet and vet students through their own journeys. Today, Dr. Krisiti continues to enjoy blogging and making educational videos for pet parents.

Follow Dr. Kristi on Instagram for animal fun, facts, and feel-good content!

Meet Aliyah Diamond

DVM Candidate Class of 2023 at Cornell University

Aliyah Diamond has more than 10 years of experience in animal hospitals - working with dozens of species from dogs and cats, to elephants and snow leopards. Her lifelong passion for helping animals currently has her earning her doctorate of veterinary medicine at Cornell University and helping Pawlicy Advisor educate pet parents.

Follow Aliyah on Instagram for animal fun, facts, and feel-good content!

Meet Lindsey Whitlock

Veterinary Student at Purdue University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Lindsey is a graduate of Michigan State University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 2017. Currently, she studies veterinary medicine at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. She decided she wanted to pursue veterinary medicine at the young age of eight years old. Lindsey's interests are in small animal general practice and she hopes to own a hospital(s) someday. During her off time, she loves to spend time with her loved ones, exercise, explore nature, photography, and discovering new recipes to make.

Lindsey started her YouTube channel to share her journey as she navigates her way through veterinary school, as well as her experience as a Black woman in veterinary medicine. Lindsey uses her experiences (good and bad), to help inform and inspire the up and coming generation of veterinarians.

Follow Lindsey on Instagram and TikTok for content on veterinary medicine, lifestyle, and mental health.

Maria Bonavita

Meet Maria Bonavita

4th-year Veterinary Student at the University of Florida

Maria Bonavita is a 4th-year veterinary student at the University of Florida and the proud dog mom of Miya and Wayne. Maria’s passion for pet parent education led her to start Doggie Dogtors to help teach other pet parents about common diseases, pet care, and other veterinary medicine topics. She's also passionate about helping others understand the unique needs of their specific pet.

"One of my favorite features about Pawlicy Advisor is that they highlight the fine print and exclusions that may be applicable to your pet's specific breed. For example, if your pup is a large-breed dog who is susceptible to ligament health issues, Pawlicy Advisor will find policies with ligament coverage to better protect your pooch and then compare prices to find you a great deal."
-Doggie Dogtors

Follow Maria on Instagram for pet parent education, pre-vet advice, and cute dog pics!

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