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10 Heartwarming Photos of Mamma Cats & Their Kittens

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Mother cat and her newborn kitten

Whether or not you’re a mom yourself, we all know that moms are the best. Between their tender kisses, protective nature, and love for their kiddos, moms deserve a lot of appreciation - so we’ve found 10 photos of mamma cats and their kittens that will definitely melt your heart.

Between protective mamma cats, playful kittens, and cute photos of mamma cats and their kittens sleeping, you can’t help but smile at these adorable photos! So prepare yourself for some “aww” moments!

We Wouldn’t Mess with This Cat Mom!

Cat mom looks stern

This mamma cat says it all in her eyes. Mess with my kittens and you’re going down.

We hope these kittens appreciate having such a protective mom looking over them!

Just Wait Until You Hear This!

Brown spotted cat and kitten

This kitten looks like they have something important to tell their mamma. That’s something moms definitely deserve more credit for - all the times they stop everything to listen to us.

Purrfectly Adorable Pair

White cat and kitten snuggling

A picture-perfect look at the love between a mamma cat and their kitten. How cute is this kitten sleeping on mom’s face?

They look oh so cozy in this cute photo.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Blue-eyed cat and kitten

How cute is this kitten and mamma cat duo? We can see where this adorable kitten gets her good looks from! These two practically look like twins between the beautiful blue eyes, dainty whiskers, and soft markings.

A Stern Look from Mamma Cat

Black and white stripe cat and kitten in grass

This kitten is giving their mamma their best “puppy dog eyes” look. We’re not so sure it’s working on changing mamma cat’s mind though!

One of Each Color

Cat nursing a variety of kittens

Amazingly enough, this mamma cat appears to have one kitten that matches each of her own colors. Hopefully, this will make remembering who is who all the easier.

We think they make an adorable and striking family!

Snuggling Is the Best

White cat licking kittens

This sweet photo shows a loving mamma cat kissing and snuggling with her kittens. Nothing is more tender than a mamma cat’s kiss.

If this doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!

Cute Orange Tabbies Catch Zzs

Orange cat and kitten sleeping

This mamma cat and kitten could not only win a “Look-Alike” contest, but they are absolutely darling together. After a day of fun, they are cuddling and taking a snooze together.

Just look at her kitten’s paw dangling over her like that - absolutely precious!

Protective Mamma Bear... or Cat?

Multi-colored cat with 3 kittens

This photo shows another mamma cat that we wouldn’t dare to mess with. She’s watching her trio of kittens closely and giving off protective vibes.

We know these kittens are definitely safe when their mother is around!

I Gotcha Mom!

Kitten reaching for mother's face

This playful kitten just learned how fun it can be to boop his mamma’s nose. We’re not so sure she is amused though!

If you thought these photos of mamma cats and their kittens were cute, be sure to share them with your friends and family! Who can’t help but smile looking at these adorkable kittens and their mamma cats?

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