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What Does Your Cat's Zodiac Sign Mean? These 12 Photos Say It All

Kaelee Nelson
Content Manager - Pawlicy Advisor
Cat with glowing green eyes and matching collar

We’re always trying to figure out what exactly our cats are thinking. And just when we think we’ve figured them out, they surprise us again.

Today, we’re looking at zodiac signs and what Insta cats are giving us zodiac vibes.

1. Aries Cat

1 Aries Cat

Bold, impulsive, and bossy are just a few words that come to mind when you think of Aries.

We definitely appreciate Aries because they always know what they want and won’t stop until they get it.

Hugo of meowmeowhugo is giving us defiant, take-charge vibes in this funny pic. We’d guess that he may be an Aries!

2. Taurus Cat

2 Taurus Cat

Known for their patience, goodwill towards others, and desire for security, Tauruses are consistent, stable friends to have around.

Where they sometimes fall short is their intense stubbornness and love of luxury. certainly has luxurious taste. Between his regal name and love of Chanel, we think he may be a Taurus.

3. Gemini Cat

3 Gemini Cat

Geminis are known for their adaptability and duality, which is no surprise since they are the sign of the twins.

Communicative and intellectual are other strong Gemini traits, and Princess Cupcake looks to us like she’s having a deep convo with herself.

We thought this cute snap by thedemonicexotic showcased the “twin” energy that Geminis have perfectly. Princess Cupcake is looking beautiful and introspective all at once!

4. Cancer Cat

4 Cancer Cat

Loving, empathetic, and imaginative are some of the Cancer sign’s best traits.

Hermes of hermessonofzeus is giving us “cat therapist” vibes with his kind, all-knowing eyes. Just look at those gorgeous green eyes!

We’d definitely pay money to have a session with this sweet kitty.

5. Leo Cat

5 Leo Cat

There are very few cats out there who could pull off a bandana while striking such a regal pose.

Louis_the_kitten_prince is royalty, and he clearly knows it!

All Leos know that their sign is the king of the jungle, which is something that they never let the other 11 signs forget.

Louis is doing all Leos proud with his confidence, enthusiasm, and royal nature!

6. Virgo Cat

6 Virgo Cat

Virgos are reliable, modest, and meticulous beings. We admire their intellectual, studious nature.

Our Virgo pick is artemis_bug, who is not only an avid reader, BUT she is looking up her next prey as we speak.

Studying up on your birds is never a bad idea if you’re planning on becoming a master hunter. Kudos to you Artemis for your diligent, reliable nature - your Virgo-ness is shining through!

7. Libra Cat

7 Libra Cat

Natural peacemakers with a tendency to self-indulge, Libras can be a little lazy.

However, this is simply a result of their peaceful, chill personality. I mean, after hanging out with a Leo or Scorpio, you’ll definitely want to find a Libra to chill out with.

Sancho_mcnoodles is embodying Libra’s chill vibes just purrfectly in this pawsome snap!

8. Scorpio Cat

8 Scorpio Cat

Scorpios are a love ‘em or hate ‘em kind of sign. The reason for this?

Probably their fierce intensity. Not everyone can handle it. The passion they bring to everything they do can be overwhelming for some.

We choose this photo from raviolie_iowa to showcase the intense nature of Scorpios. Scorpios can be possessive, and this photo highlights this cat’s possessive nature of his hooman.

To be fair, cats do own us hoomans, right?

9. Sagittarius Cat

9 Sag Cat

On the go, adventurous souls with not a care in the world is what we think of when we think of our Sag friends.

Today, our Sagittarius representation comes from penelopethecalico_ who is daring to venture where many indoor cats will not go - the outside.

She is giving us confident, optimistic Sag vibes. Go Penelope!

10. Capricorn Cat

10 Capricorn Cat

Known for their ambitious and practical natures, Capricorns are inspiring to watch.

We’re featuring devonrexinthecity as our Capricorn today because it’s clear that he is not only looking to learn, but he may have bitten off more than he could chew.

That’s quite the pinch you’ve gotten yourself into, Devon!

11. Aquarius Cat

11 Aquarius Cat

Aquarius signs are friendly, honest, and original people.

This cute Siamese kitty is clearly an honest guy. He wears his emotions on his sleeves like many Aquariuses and isn’t afraid to be blunt when needed.

Thank you socksandgeorgeanddexter for sharing this purrfect photo!

12. Pisces Cat

12 Pisces Cat

While cats may not traditionally love the water, we happen to think that the few that do are probably Pisces at heart.

As the “mermaids” of the zodiac, Pisces are intuitive, emotional, and sensitive beings who long to be near the water. This pawsome photo by its_hunter_bish makes us think “Pisces”.

While he doesn’t have a mermaid tail, we think the shark fin comes close enough!

Share this fun list with another cat lover in your life to find out what sign their cat matches up with! If you feel like you have an even better picture of a kitty that fits a particular zodiac sign, we’d love to set it. Tweet us @PawlicyAdvisor!

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Kaelee Nelson

Kaelee Nelson
Content Manager - Pawlicy Advisor

Kaelee Nelson is a die-hard dog mom, part-time dog trainer, and ultimate pet enthusiast. She recently rescued a puppy named Zoey who went from the streets of Mexico to the big lights in L.A. after Kaelee helped her become officially studio-trained for production work, with the goal of strengthen her dog's confidence as well as the bond they share. Kaelee remains passionate about pets in her role as Content Marketing Manager by helping owners prepare for the financial burden that often comes with giving our furry BFFs the best care possible. Enrolling Zoey in a pet insurance policy was a no-brainer for Kaelee, as it enabled her to get reimbursed for vet costs like spaying, vaccinations, routine care, and more.

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