Synchrony Partners With Pawlicy Advisor To Offer First-Of-Its-Kind Pet Healthcare Financing Option

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Synchrony Partners With Pawlicy Advisor To Offer First-Of-Its-Kind Pet Healthcare Financing Option
CareCredit will provide Pawlicy Advisor's pet insurance members and pet parents added convenience and an important financial safety net through veterinary financing.

CareCredit will provide Pawlicy Advisor's pet insurance members and pet parents added convenience and an important financial safety net.

STAMFORD, CT, Jan. 17, 2022 (Press Release /PRNewswire/)-- Synchrony (NYSE: SYF), a premier consumer financial services company, and Pawlicy Advisor, the leading pet insurance marketplace, are joining forces to help pet parents better plan for expenses regarding their pet. As part of the strategic partnership, Pawlicy Advisor will offer Synchrony's CareCredit, the leading financing solution for veterinary care, in the Pawlicy Advisor pet insurance marketplace. The agreement makes CareCredit the first and primary financing solution available to over 300,000 pet parents that use Pawlicy Advisor's free online resources each month.

Recent data from Pawlicy Advisor showed 4 out of 5 pet owners could not cover a $5,000.00 unexpected veterinary bill without pet insurance. Additionally, 37% said they would seek financing options to help cover the cost.

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With the addition of CareCredit, pet owners who can either not get insurance, or are offered insurance with deductibles higher than they can afford, have access to an alternative, budget-friendly payment option for veterinary care. The partnership with CareCredit will help Pawlicy Advisor fill a critical gap in pet care financing for pet owners, as pet insurance policies do not currently cover pre-existing conditions and often come with waiting periods. CareCredit can be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses that are not typically covered by pet insurance and can be used immediately, no waiting period required.

"Affordable health and wellness solutions are essential for today's growing pet parent population," said Jonathan Wainberg, senior vice president and general manager, Pets, Synchrony. "The addition of the CareCredit financial solution in the Pawlicy marketplace, in addition to our pet insurance solution, Pets Best, helps further our shared goal of offering a Lifetime of Care for pets and ensures all pets – even those with pre-existing conditions – are able to get the care they need."

Established as a personalized, data-driven comparison site for pet insurance policies in 2018, Pawlicy Advisor has become a trusted, go-to resource for pet parents and veterinarians alike, with the mission of educating and guiding pet parents as they seek out the right financial protection to care for their pets throughout their lifetime. Adding CareCredit as a financing option will provide pet parents with the most comprehensive set of financial solutions on the market, so that pet owners can ensure they can adequately plan for the long-term care their pet needs.

"As we looked to fill the gap for those pet parents who either didn't qualify for pet insurance or those for whom the out-of-pocket costs are too high, CareCredit was our first call," said Woody Mawhinney, Pawlicy Advisor CEO and co-founder. "Not only is CareCredit the leader in veterinary treatment financing, with a proven, best-in-class offering, but it also shares our commitment to innovation and education on how to offer our beloved pets the best possible care."

Pet parents who visit and are looking for a flexible way to pay for their animal's care can quickly see if they prequalify for the CareCredit credit card in real time (with no impact to their credit score) and apply online. A credit decision is immediate and if approved, they can use their account to pay their veterinarian immediately. Pet owners can select from short-term and long-term financing options including deferred interest if paid in full within 6, 12, 18, or 24 months and reduced APR with fixed monthly payments for 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.

For more than 25 years, CareCredit has been a valuable financing option for all types of veterinary services, treatments, and diagnostics, giving pet owners peace of mind that they are ready to care for their pets throughout their lifetime. CareCredit is recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association and is a Preferred Partner for the American Veterinary Medical Association. CareCredit can be used at nearly 25,000 participating veterinary practices across the U.S.

About Synchrony 

Synchrony (NYSE: SYF) is a premier consumer financial services company. We deliver a wide range of specialized financing programs, as well as innovative consumer banking products, across key industries including digital, retail, home, auto, travel, health, and pet. Synchrony enables our partners to grow sales and loyalty with consumers. We are one of the largest issuers of private label credit cards in the United States; we also offer co-branded products, installment loans and consumer financing products for small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as healthcare providers.

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