Rehabilitative Physical Therapy

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Rehabilitative Physical Therapy

What is a Rehabilitative Physical Therapy?

Rehabilitative therapy, also known as physical therapy or rehab, is an alternative treatment that uses therapeutic exercise to strengthen and restore muscles that are weakened due to an injury or illness. Rehabilitative therapy helps restore mobility in injured or disabled dogs so they can, for example, step up and down stairs, jump onto a bed, get into a car, go for walks, and chase the ball like they once did before. Physical therapy exercises for pets are designed to meet the immediate needs of the patient, but some examples might include balance work, massage therapy, and hydrotherapy.

How Rehabilitative/Physical Therapy Works

Similar to humans, many pets require rehab after an injury, surgery, or debilitating illness. While accident-only pet insurance plans will cover the costs of initial treatment for an injury, they will not cover the cost for treatment to help your pet rebuild strength and mobility, which are crucial to their quality of life.

However, certain accident-illness insurance plans cover rehabilitative/physical therapy for pets who need additional help getting back on their feet. If you want to ensure your dog or cat receives the gold-standard care after an unpredictable, unfortunate event, choose a plan that offers extensive coverage for alternative treatments, including rehabilitative therapy.

Key Takeaways

  • Rehabilitative therapy is a treatment program in which a pet consistently meets with a physical therapist to repair weakened muscles through gentle exercise and guided strength conditioning.
  • Some pet insurance plans cover physical therapy as a form of alternative treatment that can repair muscle damage and restore optimal health.
  • You can never predict when an accident may occur, but pet insurance can provide a financial safety net and ensure your companion receives access to essential care.

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