Accident-Only Coverage

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Accident-Only Coverage

What is Accident-Only Coverage?

Accident-only pet insurance coverage will only reimburse for accidents that befall your pet, and will not cover the cost of treating illness, breed-specific health issues, or regular wellness costs.

Accident-only coverage plans can provide you with peace of mind knowing that if your pet is in an accident, you have a backup plan for their sudden, accident-related injury. Examples of accident-related injuries include snake bites, burns, falls, or car accidents.

How Accident-Only Coverage Works

Accident-only coverage will cover emergency care related to accidental injuries. Accidents are defined as unforeseen circumstances where your pet is physically injured, resulting in physical injuries such as burns, cuts, fractures, and more.

Accident-only plans will not cover breed-specific health issues or illnesses. Still, it will provide reimbursement for accident-related emergency care, such as care for a pet that has fallen and broken bones or been hit by a car.

Key Takeaways

  • Accident-only coverage reimburses you for part of the cost of accident-related emergency care for your pet.
  • Accident-only coverage will not cover breed-specific health problems, illness, or the cost of regular veterinary care.
  • Accident-only coverage will not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • For more comprehensive coverage, an accident-illness plan or accident-illness with wellness plan option will provide your pet with more significant coverage benefits.

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