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Pet Insurance For Rescue Pets: It's Easier Than You Think

Rescuing a pet is one of the greatest ways to make a difference in the world. The ASPCA estimates that 3-6 million dogs and cats in need of loving homes enter pet shelters every year. Many people worry that rescue animals may not be eligible for pet insurance, making pet ownership more complicated. You may not know your rescue pet’s exact age and history, or have their medical records to show. But prospective pet parents need not worry: the process is simple.

The first step to insuring a pet is getting him or her a veterinary examination. This is already taken care of by the rescue organization. A physical exam is usually performed as soon as a pet is taken into a shelter. The vet will estimate your pet’s age. Any issues that could be considered pre-existing conditions will be documented in the veterinarian’s notes, so you and insurance companies will know if your pet is in good health.

At Pawlicy Advisor, we make finding the right coverage at the right price as easy as possible for you. Through our partnerships with insurers and veterinary discount providers, we can help get you up to 75% discounts on plans. We analyze conditions common for each breed and compares prices, exclusions to ensure that all pets, even those who may have preexisting conditions, can be covered or supported by insurance or a veterinary discount program.

In addition, we aim to support employees of rescue organizations by giving them exclusive employee discounts on insurance for their own pets. We believe that offering access to pet insurance as an employee benefit improves quality of life for rescue caregivers and their pets. Who better to support than the employees who dedicate their time to helping dogs and cats find loving homes?

We also know that pet foster moms and dads love to protect their foster pets by purchasing insurance policies. When foster pets find their furever homes, the same insurance policies can be transferred to their new parent(s).

We are happy to provide rescue organizations with informational materials to give to new pet parents, such as brochures, to educate them about pet insurance and how to find the best coverage and deals to protect their new loved one. Sign up for free Pawlicy Advisor brochures to be mailed to your rescue organization and/or free employee discounts below and we will respond quickly.

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