How Pawlicy Advisor Can Help:

Free Pet Insurance Education And Advice

Pawlicy Advisor's Veterinary Continuing Education Series
Pet Insurance 101
A Veterinary Professional’s Role In Pet Insurance
How to Navigate Pet Insurance
How to Talk to Pet Owners About Insurance
How Pawlicy Advisor Can Help
Free Pet Insurance Education And Advice

Lesson info:

How Pawlicy Advisor Can Help: Free Pet Insurance Education And Advice

How Pawlicy Advisor can help

  • Finds the right coverage and deals
  • Reminds pet owners about coverage details
  • Offers vet staff discounts

Why Pawlicy Advisor

Personalized Education

We provide your patients with the personalized education they need to make an informed decision about their pet insurance purchase. And best of all our service is 100% free to use for patients and veterinarians.

Data Driven Approach

Our recommendations take a data-driven approach. By analyzing initial monthly costs and long-term rates, we can save your clients up to 75% on their policy.

We Simplify the Conversation

When you simplify the conversation, more people insure their pets. You get to see your favorite clients more often and they’re financially prepared to accept the treatment options you recommend.

How Vets Talk About Us

If you're interested in learning more about pet insurance, we have a free tool called Pawlicy Advisor that helps evaluate your insurance options to find the best price.

I can give you a brochure with additional information if you'd like.

Vets talk about us with their patients during routine checkups, when paying the bill at checkout, and in the puppy packs they give new pet parents

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