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Policy Period

What is a Policy Period?

A pet insurance policy period is the length of time that your pet insurance policy is active. Most pet insurance policies have a 12 month policy period, which begins on the effective date listed in your policy.

How Policy Periods Work

Your effective date does not determine when your coverage first begins. Your policy will list a waiting period that begins on your effective date. This waiting period may range from days to weeks to months and vary for different aspects of your coverage. For example, your waiting period for accidents could be 7 days, while your waiting period for illnesses could be 14 days, and orthopedic care could have a waiting period of 3 months.

Once the waiting period is over, your pet insurance plan will be effective for that kind of coverage. If you choose to renew your pet insurance policy, you will not need to go through another waiting period. Your policy period will remain active from the initial effective date.

Key Takeaways

  • A pet insurance policy defines the length of time that your pet insurance policy is active.
  • The majority of pet insurance policy periods are 12 months long.
  • Your effective date marks the beginning of your policy, but your coverage will not start until your waiting period is over.

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