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Love Unleashed: Pawlicy Studies Pets' Influence on Dating

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The unique bond between humans and their pets has always been a topic of fascination and curiosity. Pawlicy Advisor, inspired by Valentine's Day, recently conducted a survey that sheds light on this intricate relationship, especially within the context of dating and romantic relationships.

The findings reveal intriguing dynamics about how pets influence both the search for a romantic partner and the sustainability of relationships. Let's delve deeper into these findings and explore what they tell us about our furry friends' roles in our love lives.

Dating and Attraction: The Pawfect Match

In Fido We Trust

The survey uncovers that 44% of women trust their dog or cat's judgment of character more than their own. This fascinating insight suggests that pets are not just companions but also guardians of their owner's emotional well-being. It seems that for many, a pet's intuition is a critical filter in evaluating potential partners.

The Pet Effect on Dating Profiles

Despite only 18% of women featuring pets in their dating profiles, a whopping 71% admitted they're more likely to match with men who have dogs in theirs. This discrepancy highlights a missed opportunity for women to leverage their pet's charm in attracting potential matches. Similarly, 48% of women expressed they would swipe right on men with cats, illustrating the broad appeal of pet owners.

of women are more likely to match with men who have dogs in their dating profiles

Pets: Wingman or Dating Block?

Interestingly, only 14% of women have actively used their pet to attract strangers, hoping it would lead to a date. This suggests that while pets are considered good judges of character and add appeal to dating profiles, their role as an icebreaker in public settings remains underutilized.

Biggest Dating Turnoff? Disliking Pets

For 28% of women, a potential partner disliking pets is a major turnoff, underscoring the importance of compatibility in pet attitudes within relationships. Moreover, an overwhelming 79% of women believe in love at first sight with dogs/cats, slightly edging out their belief in instant love connections with humans (73%).

Relationship Dynamics: The Canine Connection

Must Love Dogs

The saying "Must Love Dogs" gains empirical support with 60% of women stating they would end a relationship if their partner disliked their dog. This sentiment is slightly less intense yet still significant when the dog disapproves of the boyfriend, with 55% of women willing to call it quits under such circumstances.

Listen Up

In a humorous yet telling finding, 65% of women believe their dog or cat follows instructions better than their boyfriend or husband. This comparison not only highlights pets' perceived obedience but also reflects on the dynamics of human relationships.

of women believe their dog or cat follows instructions better than their partner

Staying for the Dog

About 20% of women admit they would stay in a relationship because of their partner's dog. This attachment to a partner's pet illustrates the deep emotional bonds that can form with animals, extending beyond the immediate relationship.

Post-Breakup Sentiments

In the aftermath of a breakup, 58% of women report missing their partner's dog more than their partner, emphasizing the strong emotional support pets provide. Additionally, 25% of women spend more on gifts for their dog than for their boyfriends, husbands, or kids, further attesting to the special place pets hold in people's hearts.

Final Thoughts

The Pawlicy Advisor Valentine's Day survey reveals the profound impact pets have on dating and relationships, showcasing the ways in which our four-legged friends both form and forge our two-legged connections. From serving as trusted judges of character to influencing the dynamics of a partnership, pets play a central role in the romantic lives of many.

These insights not only highlight the importance of compatibility in pet attitudes but also underscore the deep emotional bonds that exist between humans and their furry companions. As we navigate the complexities of relationships, it's clear that for many, the path to love is paw-printed with the approval of their pet.


Findings are based on a Pollfish survey of 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 54 launched on January 29, 2024.

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