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Dog Gift Guide & Giveaway Contest: Pawlidays 2021

Kaelee Nelson
Content Manager - Pawlicy Advisor

Our pets have been by our side through the ups and downs of 2021, so the holidays are a great opportunity to celebrate and spoil them with the toys and treats they deserve. So we’ve rounded up the best gifts for dogs in this Howlidays Dog Gift Guide. Happy shopping!

Don't forget to enter our Pawlidays Giveaway for your chance to win a prize packed with $200+ worth of pet supplies, some of which are featured below!

How to Win $200 in Dog Gifts
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Pawlidays Gift Guide For Dogs:


Neo Bites

A balanced diet is extremely important for providing pups with all the essential nutrients they need to live long and healthy lives. We love this PLAY HARD. POOP FIRM. food topper bundle because it harnesses the unique benefits of insects in combination with other functional superfoods to support your dog’s heart health, gut health, joint support, and more! Bonus: They are hypoallergenic and climate-friendly!


Pet Winery

Nothing says party-time more than a glass of champagne! While real alcohol is toxic for dogs, this pet-safe Dög Pawrignon is a perfect way to include your furry best friend in your holiday celebrations.Blended with filtered water, organic bacon, and salmon oil, your pup will be begging for round two. So, pop the bubbly and raise a glass to ring in the New Year with your furry friend!


Bad Tags

You never know how important an ID tag is until you become separated from your dog. While your pets ID tag should include important contact information like your phone number, dog’s name, and vet’s phone number, no one said that it has to be boring! That’s why we love Bad Tags — with hundreds of designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your dog’s personality... and to make whoever finds your little adventurer laugh.


Come Here Buddy

Just like us, dogs need plenty of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. One of the best ways to engage your dog is by teaching them new tricks and playing games. But if you’re a paw-rent to a chew-happy pup, you’ll understand the struggle of finding toys that last! Made from 100% natural BPA-free rubber, both safe and durable, this STOP AND GO Chew Toy will keep your teething puppy or strong-jawed dog entertained — and more importantly, away from your socks and pillows.


Pawlicy Advisor platform

No matter how careful or responsible we are, we can’t predict when or how our pet will get sick or hurt. These unexpected surprises can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which could derail anyone’s budget — especially after all the holiday shopping.

Give yourself peace of mind, and give your pup the gold-star protection they deserve, with pet insurance. The feeling of knowing your pet will always have access to essential veterinary care is unmatched. With Pawlicy Advisor, you can compare pet insurance plans from top providers side-by-side with a clear view of what’s covered and what’s not. Pet insurance quotes are fast, free, and include a customized recommendation on the best-valued plan for your specific dog, helping you save money through the New Year and beyond.

Pawlicy Advisor quote comparison

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Enter the Pawlidays Giveaway!

To get us in the spirit of the pawlidays we’re thrilled to partner up with some amazing pup lovin’ brands to give one lucky winner the chance to win $200+ worth of doggy delights! From dog-friendly bubbly to tasty food toppers, this prize has everything you need to celebrate and ring in the New Year with your furry bestie!

To enter the giveaway contest, like this post on Instagram and follow the five participating accounts on Instagram.

Be sure to share the contest details with a friend who'd also love the chance to win!

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Kaelee Nelson

Kaelee Nelson
Content Manager - Pawlicy Advisor

Kaelee Nelson is a die-hard dog mom, part-time dog trainer, and ultimate pet enthusiast. She recently rescued a puppy named Zoey who went from the streets of Mexico to the big lights in L.A. after Kaelee helped her become officially studio-trained for production work, with the goal of strengthen her dog's confidence as well as the bond they share. Kaelee remains passionate about pets in her role as Content Marketing Manager by helping owners prepare for the financial burden that often comes with giving our furry BFFs the best care possible. Enrolling Zoey in a pet insurance policy was a no-brainer for Kaelee, as it enabled her to get reimbursed for vet costs like spaying, vaccinations, routine care, and more.

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