Vacation Cancellation Costs

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Vacation Cancellation Costs

What are Vacation Cancellation Costs?

Vacation cancellation costs are defined as unrecoverable travel and accommodation costs during your vacation or within a week of your vacation date. Suppose your pet insurance policy covers vacation cancellation costs, and your pet requires hospitalization for an unfortunate accident that occurred right before a family trip. If you have to cancel the vacation, but are unable to recover travel and/or accommodation costs, your insurance company will reimburse you for a portion of these expenses, in addition to your pet’s life-saving medical treatment. You must either be on your vacation already or within a week of your travel date for this to apply.

How Vacation Cancellation Costs Works

Some, but not all, pet insurance plans cover vacation cancellation costs. If you travel frequently, this feature may be especially beneficial to you. When comparing pet insurance companies, be sure to read through the policy’s coverage, exclusions, and limitations to find the solution that suits your exact needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Vacation cancellation costs refer to any unrecoverable travel or accommodation expense incurred by canceling a vacation within a week of your vacation date, or ending it early while on the trip, due to a pet-related emergency.
  • Some pet insurance companies will reimburse vacation cancellation costs if the reason is due to a pet’s health crisis and essential medical treatment.
  • If you have coverage for vacation cancellation, the incident must occur while you’re already on the vacation or within a week of the travel date for the costs to qualify for eligible coverage.

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