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What is a Marketplace?

In the pet insurance industry, a marketplace, like Pawlicy Advisor, is a service that allows consumers to shop quotes from multiple providers in one place, compare options, and purchase coverage plans (enroll in a policy). Marketplaces allow consumers to compare and contrast different options to find the best solution - in this case, a pet insurance plan.

Pawlicy Advisor is the #1 pet insurance marketplace recommended by veterinarians. With easy comparison tools, personalized recommendations, and objective analysis - pet owners can see which plans best protect their pet (and their wallet).

How a Marketplace Works

A marketplace works by keeping businesses within a certain industry competitive with each other. Pawlicy Advisor’s pet insurance marketplace allows pet owners to see quotes from top providers side-by-side, and offers a unique Coverage Score and Lifetime Pricing Score for each plan.

Key Takeaways

  • A marketplace is a competitive, industry-specific market where many companies compete for clients looking for a similar product or service.
  • Pawlicy Advisor is the pet insurance marketplace recommended by veterinarians..
  • Comparing pet insurance quotes side-by-side is easiest in an online marketplace.

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Maximum Lifetime Payout
A maximum lifetime payout is the maximum amount of money that a pet insurance provider will reimburse you during your pet’s lifetime.
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Maximum Limit/Payout Per Year
A maximum limit or payout per year (also known as Annual Limit) is the maximum amount of money a pet insurance provider will reimburse you for eligible claims within a given year.
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Maximum Payout Per Incident
A maximum payout per incident is a ceiling set on how much money you can receive in reimbursed veterinary expenses for any given pet insurance claim.
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