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What is a Breeder?

A breeder is an individual who mates dogs or cats of a specific breed and standard together to produce and maintain certain qualities and characteristics.

How do Breeders Work?

Many breeders run extensive testing on their litters’ parents to lower the risk that their offspring will have certain genetic conditions or diseases later on. Over time, breeding can strengthen specific desired physical and emotional characteristics in a breed. However, purebred pets are more prone to breed-specific health issues as negative traits are also reinforced due to the lack of genetic diversity.

After the puppies or kittens are born, breeders typically care for them during the first weeks of their lives. They are responsible for their early socialization and healthcare, such as vaccinations, until their permanent homes are found.

Ultimately, breeders are dedicated to improving and continuing purebred dog and cat breeds.

Key Takeaways

  • Breeders specialize in mating animals of the same breed together to maintain the standards and qualities of a specific dog or cat breed.
  • Many breeders work to improve specific cat or dog breeds by ensuring that they are only breeding the “best quality” dogs or cats, who have been cleared of genetic diseases and other less desirable traits that could be passed on to their offspring.

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