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A free online webinar that helps veterinary staff learn about pet insurance.

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To make sure your patients have the coverage they need, we’ve developed 4 easy steps to help you have the pet insurance.
Pawlicy Advisor CEO Woody Mawhinney and his Shar Pei Wrigley
Hosted by Woody Mawhinney

Pet Insurance Masterclass

7 video lessons | 43 min
Pawlicy Advisor CEO Woody Mawhinney, pictured above with his Shar Pei Wrigley, walks you through the ins and outs of pet insurance. You'll learn the basics of pet insurance, why pet insurance matters for veterinarian practices, and how to evaluate the various providers.


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By providing your patients with an objective educational resource, you can increase the number of patients who get insured and simplify the pet insurance conversation.


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