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A central hub of the most useful resources on the cornavirus COVID-19 for veterinary teams - from articles to tools to tips. Designed to centralize the most actionable advice (and keep updating it).

We also have advice to share with pet parents here.

Top Reads

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"Must-read" content we've found so far

Actionable Resources

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Top tools for vet teams surviving COVID-19

  • COVID-19 Survival Guide For Practice Managers - A crazy helpful spreadsheet
  • Retriever App - One-click-send digital brochures to help patients compare pet insurance across providers
  • Keeping Pets Happy & Health During COVID-19: A Pet Parents Guide - Great guide from William Hodges, DVM, to send to patients
  • MINIMIZING COVID-19 EXPOSURE - Flow-chart to hang in your practice for vet staff
  • COVID-19 FAQ For Pet Owners - PDF to send to pet parents
  • Coronavirus Response Toolkit - messaging and social media suggestions from the US Chamber of Commerce

Health Tips

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Info for staying well - physically and mentally

We're in this together.

Amid COVID-19, Let's Go Digital

Send patients a digital brochure to help them compare pet insurance across providers.

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Pawlicy Advisor's digital brochures which mean it easy to educate your patients about pet insurance.

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We partner with veterinary teams to help pet parents find the right pet insurance at the right price - no matter the provider.

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