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Claim Expiration

What is a Claim Expiration?

A claim expiration is the period of time you have to file an insurance claim with your insurance carrier. The window of time you have to file a claim can vary dramatically across pet insurance companies, so it’s vital that you are aware of what your specific plan and company’s claim expiration time is so that you can submit your claim within the appropriate window of time.

How Claim Expirations Work

Claim expirations dictate how much time you have to submit your insurance claim. They will vary from company to company. To ensure that your claim does not expire, be aware of your policy’s claim expiration and submit your claim prior to the expiration date.

For your claim, you’ll need the following: your personal information, such as name and address, a description of the condition and treatment you are claiming, all receipts, and anything else requested on your specific policy claim form.

Key Takeaways

  • A claim expiration is the window of time you have to submit an insurance claim.
  • Each insurance company and policy has a unique claim expiration. Make sure you’re aware of what your claim expiration window is.

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