Chronic Disease

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Chronic Disease

What is a Chronic Disease?

A chronic disease is any condition or illness that cannot be cured and is long enduring, if not lifelong. Chronic diseases usually progress slowly, and while they are incurable, the symptoms can generally be alleviated through medication, therapy, surgery, or alternative therapies.

Common examples of chronic conditions and diseases in pets include diabetes, hip dysplasia, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, or cancer.

How Chronic Diseases Work

Pre-existing chronic diseases and conditions are not covered by any pet health insurance plan. However, there may be assistance options available to help with the costs of treatment. The best way you can protect against expensive veterinary bills related to chronic diseases is by insuring your pet as early as possible. The fewer pre-existing chronic conditions they have currently, the more benefit you’ll receive later on if they do develop chronic diseases while insured. If a chronic condition develops while you have your pet covered by a plan that covers chronic conditions, the impact of your vet bills will be dramatically reduced.

Key Takeaways

  • A chronic disease is any condition that is lifelong and incurable.
  • Chronic, pre-existing conditions are not covered by any pet health insurance company, but assistance options are available.
  • Insuring your pet as early as possible reduces the risk of them developing pre-existing chronic conditions, which will minimize veterinary care costs later on.

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